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AG Book Club :: Jackaroo

I had so much fun reading this month’s AG Book Club selection—Jackaroo or The Tale of Gwyn by Cynthia Voigt. It’s the story of a young girl named Gwyn, set in a fictional medieval kingdom during a time of famine and hardship. Much like our tales of Robin Hood, there is a legend of Jackaroo, a masked hero who helps and defends the poor people of the land. Gwen both disbelieves and longs to believe in the legend of Jackaroo, wishing there was someone out there who cared, but then she makes a surprising discovery and realizes that there may be something to the old tales and that she has a part to play.

This was fun and exciting summer reading (it would make a great gift to any teenagers in your life!) and was exactly what I wanted to read during a few relaxing days at home. Here’s my review ::

What did you think of Jackaroo? What would you have done in Gwyn’s situation? Who were your favorite characters (oh my gosh! Burl!)? What were some of your favorite aspects of the book? Anything you didn’t like? Share away!

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